Completely automate payroll

The future of payroll has arrived! KeyPay’s first of its kind automation allows payroll bureaus and administrators to completely automate payroll processing - from start to finish.

No manual intervention necessary - payroll can be set to automatically start a pay run, download and apply tax codes, process any standing data and timesheets, apply leave calculations, process payroll, send out payslips, reports, Payday filing data, payments, and uploads to Kiwisaver and the Inland Revenue Department. Don’t worry about errors - the payroll administrator can choose a selection of warning notifications that will pause the automation if anything is required.

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Why automate payroll?

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Save time

The reduction in pay run processing time allows you to reallocate that time and focus on other strategic work.

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Retain control

You determine what components of the pay run to automate, thereby keeping overall control.

 KeyPay Assurance

Quality assurance

Configured warnings will stop an automated pay run where required prior to the pay run being finalised. This ensures anything that needs to be addressed or fixed is done so without compromising the correctness of employee pays.

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“KeyPay is seamless. It works in the background. The platform is innovative, and the team are developing it constantly.”

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