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Posted on July 3, 2019
Payroll Management, Product – 2 MIN READ

EOFY 2018/19 Tips: Lodging PAYG payment summary reports to the ATO

This article is designed specifically for users who have not been reporting STP this financial year 18/19.

If you’re reading this article, we assume you’ve already done your End of Year Reconciliation and published your employees’ payment summaries (remember publishing payment summaries has to be done by July 14!). If not, take a look at those links for tips on how to do it in KeyPay. The next step would be submitting PAYG payment summary information for your employees to the ATO.

The ATO requires that all businesses submit PAYG payment summary information for their employees by August 14. To make this simpler for you, you can lodge the PAYG payment summaries electronically through KeyPay. Alternatively, if your preference is to lodge the EMPDUPE file through your business portal, we can also facilitate this.

Lodging electronically via SBR is the quickest method, but to be able to do that, you must ensure you’re set up for electronic lodgement. If you’re not sure whether you are set up, go to ‘Payroll Settings’ > ‘ATO Settings’. On the Electronic Lodgement & STP tab you will be able to see if you are enabled for electronic lodgement (make sure you have also registered your Software ID with the ATO!) If you are not, refer to ATO Cloud software authentication and authorisation (CAA) for instructions on setting this up. If you have more than one employing entity set up in your business, don’t forget to enable electronic lodgement for all employing entities! To check you are enabled or to enable electronic lodgement, go to ‘Payroll Settings’ > ‘Employing Entities’, then follow the instructions provided above.

Once you’re set up, follow the steps shown in this webinar to lodge payment summaries via SBR:

Alternatively you can upload the EMPDUPE file to your ATO business portal. Click here for steps on how.

Confused about where to start with EOFY? Check out our EOFY Resource Guide.

Posted on July 3, 2019