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Posted on September 19, 2019

Payday filing enhancements and seamless IRD gateway integration

Since April 2019, New Zealand employers have been required to be Payday filing compliant. Using KeyPay, payroll bureaus and administrators have been able to generate Payday filing reports after each pay run. KeyPay has just made IRD reporting even easier by completing our integration to IRD’s Gateway Services!

Seamless Payday filing reporting

Previously, KeyPay automatically generated Payday filing reports for you to upload digitally to your MyIR portal. KeyPay has been working on connecting to the Inland Revenue’s Gateway Services via an API. Now you can:

  • Streamline reporting: IRD reports can be submitted directly without having to manually upload the file via your MyIR portal. Data transfer is now done seamlessly within KeyPay. No need to log in and out between different systems.
  • Straightforward reporting of new and departing employees: report your new and departing employees or update any existing employee information effortlessly to the IRD. 
  • Easily amend employee information: We’ve made it easy for you to make Employee Information Amendments, in case you made any errors in a previous pay run.
  • Manage submission errors: KeyPay will highlight where you may have made any submission errors, to allow you to correct and resubmit.

We’re excited to release this enhancement which will make your payroll reporting and compliance much easier each pay run. For information on how to connect to IRD Gateway Services and begin reporting through the API, read here. Our integration with the IRD Gateway is available to begin lodging Payday filing reports straight to the IRD now.

Posted on September 19, 2019